Samstag, 11. August 2007

Trip to Scandinavia - Final Part

To get an better idea about how Norway looks like we decided to go for one day to another place: Fredrikstad! It’s a small but lovely town a bit south of Oslo. Fredrikstad has an old and a new part in its town. By ferry we came to the old part of the town. It’s really small but charming. We walked around, and had an coffee at a lovely place called “Mormors” (grandma) – we sat in the backyard of this café and you immediately felt like home. We went to another little island and enjoyed the sun for a while..
It was time to go back to Oslo – unfortunately the train didn’t work and we had a warm 2hours long bus ride back to the town. Our plane back to Copenhagen is early in the morning next day, so we decided to stay over night at the airport. It turned out that the stone floor is more comfortable than the sleeping seats – guarding the luggage we didn’t sleep very much, but it didn’t really matter after exhausted of all the walking we did the last days.. it was just nice to lay down and close the eyes for a while!

Thank you for this wonderful trip Geraldine and Maciek!

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