Sonntag, 9. September 2007

Visit from John and a Green Balloon

After coming back from the Sweden/Norway-trip, two days later I had my semester exam in school. After I had 4 days off, before my internship started..
Since John was the first of the Erasmus students who left, he had to do his bit to come and visit us. It was a pity that he came that weekend when Krysia had to go back to France to see her brother before he left to move to far, far away (no – this time far far away is not Lyngby but Dubai!)

Very happy seeing John again we walked around the whole town, of course didn’t miss the best place in CPH: the good old RobertsCoffee.! Enjoying a decent Coffee with a friend at such a nice place – just wonderful! It was a quite cold weekend, but we decided to continue our walk and met Ben, the Scotsman, who was just working in a little Kiosk at Rådhuspladsen. John got kicked out immediately =) We got a green and an orange balloon. But John lost the orange one as soon as he got it.. :-/ After some more coffees at Bens Kiosk we decided that it’s much too cold outside, and went back to Roberts!
Playing with the balloon, and having too many cups of coffee I tried to hit John with the green balloon, but I failed.. I hit accidentally a guy sitting on the other end of the couch. I didn’t know that I was that uncoordinated! The poor balloon victim, Josh, (yeah exactly! That’s also the name of my computer!), looked quite surprised to get hit by a balloon.. We started talking and had a good time. Unfortunately we ignored the people we came with next to us for a while, because we just enjoyed ourselves.. A wonderful way to meet somebody! After this refreshing intermezzo John and me where invited to join the starting of a three day’s birthday event of Becky, a friend of John. The green balloon became a present to Becky and we went to the karaoke bar called Sam’s Bar. I expected a better song collection but none the less it’s once in a while amusing to see drunken people singing.. =)

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