Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2007

Icebar Copenhagen

I was just about to meet some friends in Copenhagen and I went like almost every time a different way. This time I was very luck.. I walked on the pedestrian area and suddenly a guy is waving from inside a house. Hm.. I know this guy.. Yeah! It was Janus, he is a guy with whom I share the kitchen in the residence hall! So.. Hey, how are you doing..? And we told me – just go upstairs, there is Christin.. So ok.. I go there (Christin is his girlfriend, it’s not Krysia!) And suddenly I was in the entrance of the ice bar! Both wore quite funny costumes, and they offered me to take a look at the ice bar! Normally costs the entry 150 kr, but both work there so it was a great opportunity to see it! It’s quite cold and – surprise – everything out of ice, even the glasses! Very very nice..
Must be great in summer, when it’s just too hot outside ;)

42km and friends!

I’m just soooo proud of them! It was weekend.. already 1 ½ weeks ago, and some people came to visit the lovely town called Copenhagen! Maciek and Marcin the two polish guys I met in Åbenrå came to town, to join the marathon. I was so happy to see them again – so I could spend some time with friends instead of sitting home and working ;)
Zui, die charming girl from Hungary came also for some days – was great to see her again – I shared the room with her in good old Åbenrå. And a big surprise: Annika came! She is german, and I know her also from the same Danish course as the others – in Åbenrå. I talked with her just 2 days ago, and she said: Oh what a pity, I can’t come.. yeah right ;)
So I had a lot of friends around me – and together with Krysia, Geraldine and Vincenzo – it was just an amazing weekend! Another reunion!
And Sunday was the big day: Maciek and Marcin started for the Marathon! Early in the morning we went there to support our polish friends, and cheered and supported them from the first step the the last one.. Actually – after they started we first drank some coffee ;) – but we waited to see them running – it was such an amazing feeling to see them passing by after 26 km! So full with pride! I know.. I would lie on the street after one kilometer ;)
Marcin was quite fast around. After 3 hours 38 minutes he reached the Goal – when he arrived he seemed to be fresh like woken up and taken a shower, even thou he ran 42 km! It was already his 4th marathon. Maciek ran that day his first marathon, and arrived after 5hours and 52minutes. We all starred into this one direction where we suspected that Maciek will appear – we all got half sunburned – but the seeing Maciek crossing the finishing line – just amazing!
I’m so proud of you two guys! And thank all of you for that amazing weekend!

Flowers and visit for Krysia!

Krysia has often the bad luck, that when she gets visitors, it’s bad weather in Copenhagen! Very unlucky was Lea, a good friend of her – when she stayed here it was snowy and cold a whole week! But this time she had more luck! Mathilde, a good friend of her was here, and it was actually nice weather! I had the pleasure to meet her too, and we three had some nice time together. I was really happy to be the first time in the palm house of the “Botanisk Have”. There I saw the first time the stairway to heaven.. This is exactly how I imagined it.. and it exists.. Well at the end of the stairway is not heaven, just a lot of treetops and real humid air! But nonetheless just lovely! Before Mathilde had to leave we had together a nice lunch at the Globe – decent Irish food. Was a real nice time! The only bad news: they started to put down my favorite piece in the "Statens museum for kunst"..

Samstag, 12. Mai 2007

Goodbye John Boy

A week ago I got the message „Hey you checked your facebook? Crazy Irish guy :-) See you tonight at the concert x“.. I immediately checked my facebook and there was the facebook event „Johns last night“. No way.. But it was true. Johnboy decided leave Copenhagen, to leave Krysia and me..!!
Really sad about the news we went out to celebrate his last night. First we went to a concert in the Statens Kunst Museeum, and after drinking beer with him, and had a nice walk through the town.
The next morning we met for a "John's leaving on a jetplane"- Brunch. We gonna miss that you are always late John! We were not successful with stealing his passport..
It was just so sad. It’s like D'Artagnan is leaving the Muskedeers!
How dare you John? Just leaving us? It was such a nice time with we, we gonna miss you soo much! And looking forward to see you again in June!

Samstag, 5. Mai 2007

Steven in Copenhagen

Just 40 minutes after I said good-bye to Majo at the airport Steven arrived at the airport – my next visitor. Perfect timing! Showing Copenhagen, Christiania and of course, on Wednesday the museum tour because it’s free =) I had also experienced that even if I was now almost every week in museums, some of them have every week something new =) And finally I had the chance and battery in my camera to photograph some parts of the flowmarket in the Danish design centre. A supermarket in a bit different way. All these products are for sale! So if you need 50ml good vibes – just buy it!
Steven decided to take a 5kg can of holistic thinking! ;)
The three days passed by quite fast, and suddenly I had no visitors anymore. I went to Krysia to watch „Singing in the rain“.. but unfortunately it ended like this:

Visit from Majo!

The last week of April my beloved Majo decided to come and visit me in this lovely place called Lyngby. I haven’t seen her for a while, and I guess I got on some people’s nerves talking about her =)
Luckily I had almost no school, because the project I was supposed to do during the week, I finished over the weekend.
So early early in the morning I fetched her form the airport. And full seven days Majo began!
We did a lot of things and had a real good time. Enjoying coffee in my favourite café called “Roberts Coffee”, going to a lot of Design and art museums, and inhaled the good Danish design, and not to forget about cooking good stuff and watching the latest Gilmore Girl episodes =)
We had also a real nice day at the Carlsberg brewery, and there we were able to taste a lot of new beers. The new summer beer in Denmark is definitely Tuborg Hvid!
On that day we also discovered a wonderful Sushi place... It was just sooooo good – incredible... After every piece of Maki or Nigiri, it felt like dying and going to heaven... or something ;) Incredible delicious..!
Vincenzo invited us also to a BBQ at his place, to enjoy also the nice weather – delicious food, great wine - really nice, but it turned out that at the end of the BBQ it started to rain. Nonetheless perfect timing!
The Sunday was the day to discover the North of Sjælland. We went with Krysia and Petra, a study colleague of her to Louisiana. It’s a nice Art museum with incredible sea view and a nice park. The showed Art “Made in Kina” and photography’s of Cindy Sherman beside the permanent exhibition. I really enjoyed this museum, and I absolutely loved the bookshop in this museum! After a lot of input from the museum we went to a Pizzeria and enjoyed good Italian cooking art =) At the end of the day I went with Majo further north and we visited the Kronslot in Helsingør. It’s the castle where Hamlet was shot. We were to late to go inside the castle but also from outside it felt incredible to be there! In addition we were so incredible close to Sweden..!!
And the Tuesday after the I had to let her go again :( Our last coffee at the airport in Copenhagen, after she left by plane back to Munich, but I really hope that she’ll visit me again – there is still so much I have to show here – one week Majo is just not enough!