Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007


In the last few weeks in Denmark I saw something called "Carlsberg".. And suddenly I saw it on every party here. So I decided to find out more about this fellow..
With Lea and Krysia I went to the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen!
It's a real nice museum with a lot to see - I think if you follow everything you know exactly how to produce own beer ;) We could see how the old Carlsberg brewery looked like with all the machines brew kettles and so on... The whole Carlsberg area was covered with a bittersweet brewing smell - it felt a bit like passing the brewery in Dornbirn..
We also could see the horses that traditionally transported the beer. A real nice place!
At the entrance we also got coupons for 2 beers at the end of the exhibition. It's just bad to start drinking a beer without a decent meal ;) But this was just research and private study!

Arne Jacobsen and the SAS house!

So I had to stay over night in Copenhagen downtown. Thanks to Krysia! And we decided to do a bit sightseeing..

An amazing moment in the life of a designer.. Being close to The Egg and The Swan in the SAS hotel in Copenhagen! (Now she went completely crazy..)
Arne Jacobsen is a famous Danish designer and I'm sure everybody of you saw already pieces of his work. He created the SAS hotel in Copenhagen with all its furniture. Well they sold quite a lot of the original stuff, but the lobby is still the same and one room in the hotel, the room 606. But we didn't get access to this room.
Non the less it was amazing to be in the lobby! The Egg is one of the most famous chairs - the green ones in the pics. And The Swan are the orange ones.
I have no idea how expensive these chairs are right now.. But it's great to see them in use =)

Copenhagen lost in snow..

Tuesday in the evening it suddenly started to snow a bit. I was quite happy to see some snow, but at that time I had now idea which consequences the snow has.
Wednesday I met Krysia and a friend of her at her place. The way downtown was already a bit complicated.. Trains were late and I had to change one train because of the snow. I didn’t think more about it. We enjoyed delicious French cheese and good red wine.. I already thought about going home earlier so I don’t have to catch the last train..
So I went to the station and took the Metro, which should go to the center. But after 3 stations the Metro changed the direction! So back to Krysias station.. I looked to the S-Trains.. And the only message was: Better don’t use S-Trains they will probably never arrive. Ok good! So the only chance was to stay over night at Krysias place! And that’s what I did. During my way back to her apartment I took some pictures.
The next morning the Metro and S-Trains still had a lot of problems and didn’t work properly. But I think the main problem about snow in Denmark is that it’s always in combination with a lot of wind..
However was a nice adventure! Maybe some more adventures will follow – it should snow till Sunday =)

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2007

Reunion in Horsens!

Last weekend we did a nice weekend trip to Horsens! Where the hell is it? In Jylland a bit south of Århus! Maciek and Marcin the two polish boys and Gianvito and Alberto two of the Italians study in Horsens and we decided to visit them. The nice thing about it was that about 14 people from the language course came that weekend to Horsens, like a little reunion! It was really nice to see all the people again! The bad thing was that I started to get a bit sick - the bad Danish weather is not good for me!
Non the less we had a good time! But as usual I don't like to take tourist pictures - I always hope that other people take photos I can use - so I can't show you how it looks there.
We were 15 people. To feed all of them was quite a challenge. The 4 boys who life there organized a pizza dinner for all of us, it was just great everybody was just sooo hungry. And the next morning it was my turn: I decided to do some pancakes for brunch! I'm used to do it for 2 to 5 people.. But for more than 10..? I luckily got some help, because to keep an eye over pancakes frying in 4 pans - that’s tough! =) At the end they said they like it, so I think that’s good =)
The bad thing about Horsens? Baaaad real real absolutely bad music! But it was in a way good: I went early to bed to recover my cold =) And: of course: leaving all the people again!
But I like the memories I have with all the people. In one word: LOVELY!

Real life - student life in København

Now it's all about telling the truth.. ;)
I'm unchallenged in my studies in Lyngby so I spend most of the time downtown. So what to do: it's most to dark or to cold to do a lot of sightseeing so I go to Krysias place, we cook something nice and if there is an event downtown and we are not to tired we go there. The good thing about it is that we know now already some people so when we go out we most meet some other international students. Socializing is an important part of Erasmus! ;)
In Copenhagen are plenty of international students! So it happens that once or twice a week there are special international students parties with cheap drinks combined with students..!
Sometimes also 2 hours free beer, but these include a bad hang over for most of the students. That's not a big surprise - the bigger surprise was that at the end we walked home for more than 1 1/2 hours! But I heard sport before breakfast is healthy! ;)

Sometimes like right now we have to do a group project in school. Even there the whole group seems to be unchallenged. The best solution: going downtown and get inspiration in a cafe! =)

Sonntag, 11. Februar 2007


Ok - this is now the 3rd time I try to write this post.. :-( First in Lyngby, at my place, then the Internet just stopped working.. Then yesterday at Krysias Place - called "my home" - then the Internet stopped working.. and now here back in Lyngby - hope the Internet will work this time and will not erase again everything I wrote...

Probably you have noticed that I'm writing in english..! Some people complained that they don't understand a word and translating every word to many people is quite exhausting - so I try it this way.. But a warning: There are probably a lot of mistakes in the following english texts, but you just have to forgive me!

So.. what happened the last few days - or better the last 2 weeks.. I arrived in a horrible accommodation - it still looks like this, just now there is my stuff everywhere - the missing shelfs doesn't make the situation better.. but now there are some orange-felt-flowers on the wall and nice pictures from Australia =)
The people in the residence hall are really nice and kind. Thats the good part about living here - but actually my home is not in Lyngby. My home is in Fredriksberg more close to the center of Copenhagen. It's the place where Krysia lives. She is a lovely girl i met at the language course in Aabenraa. She studies graphic design, but she is more lucky than me - she has a real design school..
Well I often cook with her or go out with her - or sightseeing or just spending time - i really enjoy it.
After leaving all the people in Aabenraa I was really sad. To see her feels a bit like family =)

The school.. Well better I don't think that much about it or write about it because it makes me a bit agressive.. The point is: They want to teach me things I know already since sometimes 7 years, sometimes since 1 year.. so nothing new to learn here..!
Some people know: If I'm not able to work efficiente I get aggressive.. So bad condition =)

But now some good things:
Actually, I went out quite often since I'm here. I met a lot nice people and beside Krysia also Vincenzo and Nico from the language course are now in Copenhagen to study. And because I live in the capital (ok - I live in the middle of nowhere, but the capital is quite close) a lot of people gonna visit me - or the capital ;)
So I'm looking forward to see a lot of the Aabenraa people again. I met already Laura, Francesca and Alessandro - was really nice to see them again =)

Had a lot of nice parties in the last weeks! =) Met a lot of nice people and that's what makes a place to a nice place..

I know people complain already that I hardly never write in my blog *shame on me* but I was hardly not in front of my computer... =)

Something about the last weekend: started with friday: An Erasmus student from Finnland got cards for the VICE party - it was just fashion week in copenhagen! - so free drinks, sometimes real good music, so it was a real good time. Yesterday a bit relaxing.. today again a bit sightseeing: We were in the Dansk Design Center. It's quite small but it was really nice - ate there a Croissant and drunk a coffee... Just having a great time..
After we went with an irish exchange student to Christiania - it kind of a free region in Copenhagen. It's a hippie town and i think there you can bye hash in the coffeehouses and so on - looks really hippie like back in the days ( i guess.. ;)
Was really interesting to see! The bad thing about it: it's sooooooo windy in Denmark! It's not that cold here, but the wind makes the whole weather just terrible cold..
After we went to an irish pub - and at some nice Club Sandwich =)
Now I'm sitting in Lyngby in my room with a cup of Yogi tea and I'm writing some lines - sounds good - doesn't it? =)