Freitag, 6. Juli 2007

Trip to Scandinavia - Part2

On the 2nd of June was a big football match: Sweden vs. Denmark, so we hadn’t found any bed downtown, and had therefore a lovely hotel outside of the town. We used the first night to explore a bit the town, but we had to go back to Bromma. First it seemed quite bad to be that far outside, but it turned out that we never had an that good breakfast again.. We ate there for about 2 hours from the breakfast buffet – until we had to finish packing to check out and go to our hostel in the town.
There was a lot to do. 3 days in Stockholm, and thousands of plans.
The first day we had a lot to do – after checkout in Bromma and checking in downtown we decided to do a little boat trip and see this town full of water from the boat. Was really nice – a tour in every language was offered! The next step was going to the Vasa Musem. Maciek is really fond of boats – so it was definitely a must to go there. It’s a museum with a huge old ship in it. Those days it was build to scare the enemies, but already at the first tour the ship sand in the harbour. In the 70s the ship found on the ground and after a while they build the museum around it.
That day we had the chance to get a tour with a Swede: Tobias was just around and showed us the town. We were really lucky, because that weekend was a food festival in the town. Every restaurant had a little stand and offered there food for little money… paradise..! Soo good stuff! Didn’t want to leave, but I had to. After a good bye cocktail the day was already over and our new 12-bed room in our hostel waited for us.
Next day we met a friend of Geraldine, and we explored even more..
We went to Skansen. It’s in the middle of Stockholm: an open air museum with old houses of different parts and centuries of Sweden additionally we also saw some brown bears and typical swedish horses. =) At one part they had also bakeries, shops, etc, where you could actually buy all the stuff, people wearing costumes.. Just falling into another century.. =)
The sun seemed like little child who didn’t want to go to bed… nonetheless time to go to bed and the next day it was time to leave..

Back to the airport, and on the next flight to Göteborg.

Trip to Scandinavia - Part1

I had the great pleasure to go to Sweden and Norway with two friends in met at the language course in Åbenrå. The dates for my final exam changed, I finished the Project work before the deadline, and I had enough time to go with Maciek and Geradline on a trip up to the North..
We planned and planned – thanks a lot to Geraldine and Maciek – and finally the day came, and our journey started! First stop: Lyngby =)
Geraldine lost her place to sleep and Maciek came from Horsens. We spent the night in my place, which made everything easier to get started. In the morning we left soon Copenhagen and went by train to Malmö – it was incredible to go by train over the Öresund bridge.. Otherwise you see this incredible bridge just from distance!
Arrived in Malmö, we planned to visit the town a bit, and catch later a bus to our plane in Malmö airport.. It turned out that Saturdays are not that many busses to the airport, so we just had a brief hour to see a bit of the town..
Nonetheless I enjoyed to be to first time with my feet on Swedish ground!
At the evening we arrived by plane already in Stockholm!

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2007

Special guests in Lyngby

25th of May - Something really incredible happened.. Krysia and Vincenzo from downtown actually came to Lyngby! It was a nice BBQ from the residence hall, and I was happy to have a reason to invite those two to my modest home in Denmark. It took quite a long time till the first visitors came, but it was just a pleasure.
I could party with my dearest friends from the language course, and with my friends from Lyngby.
I had a real good time, celebrating with all of them. It was the last party of the residence hall. Now all went home to their countries – but I hope to see them again!