Sonntag, 22. April 2007

Istanbul meets Lyngby

Last Wednesday was a big day.. A small girl called Bilge came and visited me =) I met her in Dornbirn when she was an Erasmus student in the summer semester 06. Of all these Erasmus students is he the person I saw most. She is always full of positive energy – it’s incredible. Was really nice to see her again – and I’m quite curious where I gonna meet her next time!
It was quite bad that I had a lot of school the two days she was here, but I really enjoyed the few hours with her in a cafe. A friend of her lives in Lyngby and he is a student of the DTU – of only university in Lyngby ( yeah – my school is not an university).
I got also a real good gift from Axel, her boyfriend, who used to study in Dornbirn as I do, but now he is Erasmus student in Istanbul.
I got a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.. Soooo delicious! Thanks Axel!

Montag, 16. April 2007

My girl, almost summer and Haderslev

After I stayed the whole Easter break in Copenhagen I felt like a have to see my Isabelle. I met her in the language course in Åbenrå. Those days I spent a lot of time with here.. and I really miss her here in Copenhagen! So last weekend I went to Jylland and visited my girl =) It turned out that it was not easy to come to Haderslev. First I took the train to Kolding. It’s about 3 hours from my place in Denmark, but nonetheless 25km away from Haderslev. Arrived in Kolding I found out that the busses stroked that day.. great..! Luckily I met two guys at the bus station who also wanted to go to Haderslev and waited for the not-driving busses.. We shared a cab down to Haderslev – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford a cab drive..
Finally at around 9 o’clock in the evening I arrived at my girl. First of all eating. Our favorite hobby.. it turned out we soon found our usual topic to talk.. For example: food =) Summer weather mad the stay in Haderslev even more nice! We went to the lake and talked a lot.. had fun with soap bubbles till we got dizzy.. Enjoyed the sun.. What a nice day!
In the evening we went out with Iona, Kerri-Ann and some other Erasmus students in Haderselv. It was a quite interesting night.. We went to “crazy daisy”, the only club/disco in this little town. All the girls were really dressed up to the nines.. All except Isabelle and me ;) And a strange thing in this disco: Everywhere screen showing a silhouette of a naked dancing woman.. Really strange.. Annoying after a while..
Slept long next day.. It was already the day I had to go home again.. I didn’t wanted to.. During the day we went to the fjord and made some flower necklaces and enjoyed the great weather.
It was such a nice, and relaxing weekend. I loved it to be there =) It was amazing to see Isabelle again, and it was nice to see the two Irish girls Iona and Kerri-Ann again.
Thanks for everything my girl! *

Easter in Copenhagen!

By reason of internship interviews I had to stay over the Easter break in Copenhagen. It was not the worst, which could happen. In the end I got the internship and I had some nice days.. It started with a nice but short meeting in a park with John, Sidsel and some friends of her – included beautiful but still a bit cold weather.
The next few days I spent with preparing illustrations for print on t-shirts – it took me 3 cosy days… But I’ satisfied with the result! I don’t put them into this blog, but maybe you can see some of them on photos in later posts ;)
Then there was the last day of Emanuel, an Italian guy who lived in the same apartment as Vincenzo. An Italian good-bye-party contains a lot of pasta to eat and a lot of wine and beer to drink =) After we wanted to go to the town into a pub, but it turned out that we were just to late, and Emanuel had to hurry back to the apartment to fetch his stuff and after his plane.
Some days after also Francesco who also lived in this apartment left – so it’s going to be quiet now in the former Italian house… But it was a pleasure to meet all of them, and: Vincenzo is still here =) (the best Italian cook ;)
The crazy Danish people closed on the Thursday before Easter the shops! But shop-closed-days are still nice for sightseeing. So I went with John to the Royal library. It was a really nice day.. and I freaked out with my tiny camera – John thought I’m quite crazy photographing windows and stairs.. ;)
Easter Sunday I went on a nice concert in Copenhagen. It was Ane Brun supported by Nina Kinert. Those two are from Sweden and make real nice music..!
During the Easter break I had a lot of free time. I drew a lot, I read a lot, I slept a lot.. And finally on Easter Monday Krysia came back from Lebanon! She was there to visit her grandparents and her parents were also there for Easter. We planned a big picnics.. But the Danish weather does not like plans of poor exchange students.. so we had a cosy tiny picnics at Krysias place. It was so good to see her again =)

Donnerstag, 5. April 2007

Surrounding area Lyngby: Bakken

Just two streets behind the residence hall is a huge national park. I know it’s a shame that I was there just once now.. but I just needed to breath a bit city-air, when I live in Lyngby!
After I finished a few applications for an internship I had some time and I needed to go out of my room. So I decided to go to this park with Sophie. It’s quite nice, but I think it’s gonna be beautiful when the trees have leaves. Right now it reminds a bit on a battlefield where – in former days dragons, orcs and knights fought against each other.. A lot of trees were caught by lightning, and nobody puts the dead peaces of wood away.. in a way charming, in a way – when it get dark a bit spooky..
In this park you can also rent a horse and just ride through this park.
On our way back we met about 30-40 deers and their little bambis! They were just eating maybe 10 meters away from us – looked up when we passed and continued eating.. Without fence in-between – was really nice =)
At the end of the park is an amusement park – where we just found the perfect car for Sophie – or not? =)

Mittwoch, 4. April 2007

Little Mermaid and more..

Yes, it was about time, to see the little mermaid, and be a tourist. Thanks to Krysia, John and Vincenzo - we did a little sightseeing tour through Copenhagen!
We heard after the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen was attacked, the mermaid was painted in pink.. but unfortunately, it was normal again when we saw here.. Nonetheless, she didn’t want to simile, when the picture was taken.. Maybe she was just a bit sad, that the pink paint was away again.
Walking around we were also at the place where the queen lives.. Looks not that monumental like in other country’s but I think it’s probably I nice place to live.. Close to the center and the sea/harbour also just a street away – must be expensive to live there ;)
After John gave bubbles to my birthday to me, I always carry around bubbles in my bag – and a lot of people have fun =) It’s nice to be a child again, or not Vincenzo? =)
At the end of the day we had a nice dinner at Vincenzos place, just before going to a party in a residence hall – what a day =)

Wednesday evening

Copenhagen is a town with plenty of international students. And Wednesday evening is "International Cafe" in the Studenterhuset - in the middle of the center of the town. After 3 days hard work in the week it's nice to go in the town and drink a cheap but good beer there. Around 11 the place get really crowded, and every time you meet new people. Most of us are quite busy during the week, so this is always a nice place to see some friends and have a good time! Sometimes it's more than just one beer, and sometimes people complain about a bad hangover the next day - what a hard student life.
And on the postcard front shows John before gym, the postcard backside says:
"This is John, my absolutely best best friend ever, the best thing coming from Ireland after Guinness and St. Patrick’s day and the craic."
"This is Krysia! She is my absolutely best girlfriend" She is the most beautiful girl you can find in Copenhagen and my absolutely best friend John, he's also her best friend and we drink Vodka together." =)