Samstag, 11. August 2007

Trip to Scandinavia - Part3 - Göteborg

Arriving in Göteborg and I immediately fall in love with this town, it’s such a charming town in a fjord.. it has some hills, a lot of parks and thousands of lovely places! It was just too bad that we had just 1 ½ days to enjoy this place.
There is a lovely old town, with tiny charming shops, there is the harbor with industry in all it’s beauty. Some hills with an amazing view and nice places to barbeque.. Göteborg has also the only design museum in whole Sweden, and it’s a real nice one!
Everything just charming.. in combination with two friends – just perfect! We just had two days there, and one of the days was Swedish national day. People were drunk the whole day, some parades, and free entrance in the amusement park. There I was kind of surprised in which dimensions people eat chips and chocolate… but different country, different habits ;)
I think one of the main attractions for Maciek was the Maritime museum. Some boats were floating in the harbor, and turned into a museum. Some warships, a submarine.. and you could just walk around. I’ve never seen stuff like this – well ok I come from Austria and access to the sea in Austria... but I really enjoyed it! Guided by Maciek who knew everything about all these boats was it a great pleasure to see it. But damn – submarines are kind of uncomfortable! I like land =)
We had some amazing moments on the hills of Göteborg. Drinking soft drinks and eating chocolate chip cookies – and enjoying the almost never ending sunset..

Before we left this amazing place we went by boat to a forth just half an hour outside of Göteborg in the fjord. A nice place to spend some hours.. if there wouldn’t be nasty seagulls who attack me! But that’s another story..

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