Samstag, 11. August 2007

Trip to Scandinavia - Part4 - Oslo

Our bus trip to started Oslo. Olso is a crazy and young town. It seem to be build in the 60s, and the time never changed..
Nice boards on the houses and you think you are actually in another century.. ;)
Oslo had some real nice things.. first off all and really surprising: They had an amazing photo exhibition of Steven Bloom at the harbor! We had such a nice weather in Olso so that it was hard to believe that we were that far north – felt more like somewhere more south. The fact that the sun didn’t really disappear was really nice.. ok.. The sun set, but it seemed that the sun just waited behind the hill to rise again, so it was always really bright..

We did a nice boat trip trough the fjord and saw all the islands and lighthouses (they look like little chapels!) After all the time walking around it was nice to sit in a boat for two hours and just enjoying the view =) That day was a regatta in this fjord so, we saw all the time a lot of sailing boats - it was hardly no wind that day, so they moved really slow..

Olso is a dream for every design/art-interested person. I spent an whole day going from one design museum to the other.. Here is one nice thing I found in a museum: it’s not just a walking stick.. it’ soo much more – check out the homepage to find out how mighty this stick is!

Olso hasn’t just design museums – we did a lot of cultural stuff there – open-air museums with old Nordic houses, Viking museums, Kontiki museum.. And of course the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo.

To get a good view we were also at Holmenkollen at the ski-jump – up there we also met the real Nordic people – they look a bit like a biiiig dwarf ;)
thing I really Oneloved about Oslo: we were at the right weekend there: it was food festival: loads of food for free – and soooooo goood =) happy nath!


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