Dienstag, 27. März 2007

St. Patricks Day!

Knowing an irish guy in Copenhagen includes to go crazy on St. Patricks day =) Me met at 2 o'clock in the afternoon in the city to go to Irish pubs and get drunk - just the irish way =) And don't ask why our legs where tied togehter..!
With a lot of nationalities around and running rugby games on the screens in the pub we also had a lot of fun. Sorry Greg, but France has just the better rugby team!
Getting green after a while we really enjoyed to be in town on this day - so many drunk people in green dresses - and this in the mid of the day! A few of you will think: Hey: it's Copenhagen, there are always drunk people arround! And that's true, but if you combine irish and danish people beeing drunk in Copenhagen than you have St. Patricks day =)
The best thing about Dubliners, the oldest Irish pub in Copenhagen: they served Irish stew for free! And hungry as I'm, i at a lot - just delicous =)

For a nice finish of the evening we (Kryisa, John, the Irish and Greg the Scotsman) went again to Rizraz, and ate the vegetarian buffet. Try to be irish is quite exhausting. Me and Krysia are not used to this behavour, and we got tired quite fast ;) So no party during the night time this evening!


I got old! Well ok ;) I felt quite old on my birthday, because I had still a cold, and i couldn't really party as would have liked to, but i decided to go out for dinner with a few people. Everybody has to eat, and to go out for dinner is nice for me - so i didn't have to stand in my kitchen and cook something =)
It was a real nice evening! We went to the Rizraz and at the vegetarian buffet. Just nice, and all you can eat for not that much money - brilliant! Eating eating and eating =) And talking. and feeling dizzy because of the still present cold. But it was just nice to see all these people again =)
And don't be sad John - that that bubbles you gave to me didn't work =)
After dinner we wen't out for a beer to Moohs or something like that, to have i think the cheapest beer you can get in Copenhagen =)

General Condition

It's been a while. I know, and I heared some crazy people look everyday on my blog so it's time to say what's happend!
About my general condition. Well I was sick for a while - a real bad cold - lying some days in my bed and sleeping all the time.. After I got healthy again, I got an eye infection.. As usual if i need a doctor i can't find one, but in 3 days I' allowed to wear my beloved contacts again. =)))))
Now I just kind of finished one version of my portfolio and i try to apply for an Internship in the designarea in Denmark. So that's why ;) But i know there shouldn't be an excuse to not writing what has happend ;)
So in the following posts i gonna tell you about a few events in the past 2-3 weeks ;) Have fun ;)

Montag, 5. März 2007

2nd Reunion!

After the nice weekend in Horsens, the danish-german group from Åbenrå came for 3 days to København! It's always amazing to see these people again! With this trip to København and after they went to Berlin their course in now also finished, and from now all the people from January 07 in Åbenrå are again spread out over the whole world..
But you have to enjoy the moment, and that's what we did when we met! The group arrived on Monday afternoon, and on the first evening we had a "hyggelig" evening at the Dubliners. It's a famous Irish pub downtown. The only bad thing is that most of the people had to leave early because of classes the next day..
On Tuesday I took the chance and went with the danish-german group to a guided tour in Christiana. The bad thing was, that it was in Danish.. and my Danish isn't yet that good, but it was non the less interesting!
In the evening we went out for bowling! It was a real long time ago since a bowled! The last time real bowling and not the Austrian “kegeln” where you have a bank, was on Malta, when I was 17 =) If I remember right.. I managed to do one strike in one hour! I’m so proud of myself! After and one exhausting hour of bowling we went to the “Old English Pub”, but I had to leave soon to fetch the last regular bus…
On Wednesday was finally the big party at Vincenzos place! A shame on the Danish-German group! – Just Mathilde and Annika came to this party! However it was a nice party – and delicious pasta Vincenzo cooked! These Italians know how to prepare real good pasta and rice! (I have to ask for the recipe..!) A real good idea to offer at a party a lot to eat =) Just a sole complaint.. A party shouldn’t run out of beer at midnight! ;)